Discovering new creative outlets

Apparently nothing brings out the DIY spirit like preparing for a baby. Ever since my niece was born, my sister has been a regular Martha Stewart (without all the insider trading). Well, it looks like I’m no exception, because I’ve started working on my own nursery decorations.

Before I was even pregnant, I decided that it would be a fun tribute to Eric’s childhood (and to a hot topic in our regular convos) to decorate our baby’s room with some images of Calvin & Hobbes. (In case you aren’t familiar with Calvin & Hobbes, you should fix that.) For as many times as he has started a thought with, “This reminds me of a Calvin & Hobbes quote,” I kid you not, my husband could write what I imagine could a highly successful book entitled My Life As Told By Calvin & Hobbes.

Anyway, tangent. So I decided not to do a super heavy C&H theme–partly because a 100% themed nursery is just not my bag, and partly because Bill Watterson has never licensed his images for commercial use, so you can’t just go buy this stuff. Instead I opted to paint a few images on canvases to hang in the nursery. Now, if you know me, you’re probably thinking, But Maria, you don’t know a thing about painting…, and you’d be right. But one of the staff at Michael’s does, and it only took me a short convo with her and about 30 minutes of deliberating to bite the bullet and buy some acrylics.


Actually, I’ve already finished one canvas!


Not too shabby, huh? :) While it’s not really an original work, I gotta say, I’m pretty excited about it! I think the most important part of the whole endeavor, though, was that I learned I’m no longer terrified of ruining a beautifully blank canvas with my rudimentary painting skills. Does it look exactly like the picture I worked from? Not quite, but I painted it, and that’s pretty cool. I’m even excited about painting some more!

Trying something new just as a personal project was one of the most fun and creatively liberating things I’ve done in a long while. All I really care about is that my baby girl feels loved because her mommy wanted to do this for her.


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